Make Money Online By Becoming A Freelance Writer

With the economy mired in a slow recovery, and with unemployment stubbornly high, many individuals are looking for ways to make a little extra money. As such, a large number of individuals are turning to the Internet in order to begin a second career as a freelance writer. As such, when someone brings up the subject of how to make money online, you should immediately reflect on the myriad of opportunities available to freelance writers. Who knows, it may become so successful that it leads you to pursuing it as a full-time career.

Today’s enterprises need to reduce costs. This is a prerequisite to remaining competitive in a global economy, one where overseas competitors often enjoy a distinct advantage in terms of labor costs. These companies need writers for their websites, online marketing plans and their company blogs. Becoming a freelance writer will allow you to partake in an online community where companies are constantly in search of individuals who can express ideas, strategies and beliefs via the written word. So where should you start?

Understanding Upfront & Residual Payment Websites

There are essentially two business models on the Internet for freelance writers; upfront and residual payment websites. Upfront payment websites will pay you a flat fee to produce content. That fee is typically based on the number of words written, the type of content and its subject matter, and finally, the amount of research involved in producing the content. You are essentially paid to write error free content. Most Internet websites have a pay scale that rewards authors based on their writing prowess. Individuals who are natural writers are often able to earn a substantial second income. In essence, it’s all about having a set tier of writers and aligning those writers to customers in need of certain attributes.

On the other end of the spectrum is the residual payment website. This business model eschews the upfront payment model. Instead, it opts to pay its authors through two main methods; the number of page views the author’s content brings, or a share of the website’s advertising revenue. While some companies provide a combination of both, for the most part these sites focus on compensating writers through one of these two aforementioned methods. When you think of how to make money online through a residual payment website, it’s important to keep one thing in mind; this business model has fell out of favor with today’s search engines. What happened?

In 2011, Google instigated a series of drastic algorithm changes meant to improve the company’s search results. While Google does change its algorithm daily, these 2011 changes were more dramatic. They had far-reaching consequences in terms of online search results. The aim was to do away with the influence of the dreaded “content farm,” which were residual payment websites that tried to manipulate search terms by using a practiced called “keyword stuffing,” an approach that is frowned upon by Google. The end result was a dramatic change in Google’s search results.

If you plan on making a career out of being a freelance writer, then be sure to understand the inherent differences between these two business models. While it may take time to increase your reputation with an upfront payment website, they still offer a more consistent opportunity to earn a second income online. Take the time to do your research and be cognizant of the issues pertaining to the residual payment website.

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